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Engineering, Design & Conception

R & D

Reverse Engineering

Experts in complex mechanical design, the GMP engineering team is eager to tackle your projects. Starting with the definition of high level requirements, the team is able to develop solutions meeting all your specifications, be they aesthetic, economic, or performance orientated.

High level collaboration

  • From feasibility study to product development
  • From concept generation up to series industrialization
  • From the integration of production constraints to the selection of the most appropriate manufacturing methods
  • From the optimization of manufacturing time requirements to the cutting of production costs

Our engineering know-how is at the forefront of each phase, and by working in close collaboration with our customers we can identify technical requirements (product function, material selection, additional treatments, etc.), and optimize strategies (geometrical modifications, tolerance adjustment, weight saving, etc.).

State-of-the-art technologies

These fields of expertise make all the difference when working towards your technical performance requirements:

Design for additive manufacturing

We give feedback to our customers concerning the relevance of additive manufacturing as an alternative to traditional manufacturing: weight savings, optimized structures, lattices structures, thermal resistance, etc. We can adapt your designs to fit the technical requirements of selective laser melting.

Topology optimization & FEM / FEA

Numerical simulations and FEA are used to validate design concepts. The computation of deformations and yield stresses enables us to recommend the optimized solution for your product. This optimization may focus on weight savings, performance, and costs. 


Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is accomplished by generating a digital model from the product itself. The objective is to generate a functional CAD model from the digital model.

Our technical savoir faire, and the expertise of our team, guarantees excellent work for the most complex geometries, therefore making our reverse engineering offer all the more relevant.


On top of our manufacturing capabilities, our expertise in metal additive manufacturing is put to the task of developing new materials, through research and development contracts with our customers.

Développement matériaux


Synergies between the different elements of the GMP group introduce a unique and efficient global offer to the market, especially during process parameter development for new materials.

The large array of tests and measurements, offered by our laboratory, guarantees the geometric and dimensional quality of your products, on top of detailed material characterization.